The 150th Rancor Corps



A Corp of the 2nd Sectoral Army, The Rancor Corps are what happens when a WHOLE batch of clones comes out wrong, however not wrong enough to be disposed of. Their physical capabilities are still standard for a clone, however atleast 40% of the batch has chemical unbalances that cause increased agression and all sorts of unpredictable sympthoms.

Only 20 units went berserk during training and rebelled against their brothers, which from the Republic’s point of view, not bad at all.

These troops often have a black Rancor sprayed upon their right shoulderplate, depicted as such: Rancor_Stencil.png

They are a multi purpose shock Infantry corp, from aerial drops, to recon or full on armored assault. The current Jedi General in charge of the Corp is Sayo Maren.

Corp Structure:

The 150th Rancor Corps

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